No! It is completely free to create your profile IF you are a former or current NCAA & NAIA player.

Our service fee is only if you choose to commit to an opportunity ( = successful placement, when everyone is happy), no strings attached.

Also, our initial Player Evaluation is ALWAYS free!

We help your soccer career, for example:

  • Player Marketing & Player Profile
  • Platform to connect with national and international professional sports entities (e.g. agents, clubs)
  • Platform to connect with business opportunities, jobs, internships, and education (high school, bachelor, masters) school
  • Connections to professional services (coaching, mentoring, financial & legal services)

However, we do not promise unrealistic things and we only work with a few selected players each year to guarantee the best possible service!

Because we are INDEPENDENT and not tied to any agent, club, company!

You choose the path, we do our best to help & open the door.

We are players just like you. We noticed that every player needs different solutions and experts in order to achieve their player and human potential.

Example: An agent based in the USA might be the perfect expert for the MLS. An agent based in Europe might be a perfect fit if you want to play professional overseas. With us, you can get both.