The “ONE- Sports Business Hub” Alliance

The “ONE- Sports Business Hub” Alliance

We believe in this concept and teamwork

Moving to the USA and combine work with our passion sports was a life changing experience for myself and all my colleagues.

Since 2012, we built a network of like minded people that is capable of improving the football/soccer world.

We have had some excellent results overall and our team have assisted in excess of 1,000 students from 10+ countries. We are far from perfect, but we try our very best to deliver more value every day.

The Challenge

It took us 7 years to understand all the challenges that come with entering a new market as a foreigner. We spent a lot of money… often just to realize it might have not been the most cost efficient way to do it. Cultural differences on both a personal and professional level, regulations, and even the distance from family and friends are often overseen when looking into this exciting market. It costs time, money, and a lot of sweat to overcome every obstacle on the way up. We saw many organizations ‘pop up’ and disappear, most people have the right intentions and operate with integrity…..but that’s not always enough.

It is important for companies and their representatives to make more and better informed decision. Therefore companies have to rely on people/companies who had overcame these challenges already and learn from their experiences.

Solution: The ONE Sports Business Hub

Our Vision is to minimize these challenges and create the “Silicon Valley” of the European Sports Industry where not only innovation but teamwork and information exchange are demanded and promoted by like-minded sports companies in one of the fastest growing business sectors. Stronger together, united with passion for the love of sports. We formed an alliance to help, learn, and benefit from each other without losing control or ownership.

The Objectives:

  • Cut costs by sharing resources and tools
  • Members expand to the USA in less than a month
  • Attract the best and brightest talents on the market for our members
  • Build a network across multiple markets and product types
  • Improve the processes and overcome obstacles that hinder international companies to get started in the USA
  • Work together on common projects to improve our products and deliver value to our customer

The founding members are:

We hope that this is just the beginning and we can start the process of improving the industry and working with more and more ethical companies, across other sports and jurisdictions, who share the same values.

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