The WARUBI careers soccer tryouts program is uniquely designed for players looking for ways to become a semi pro or pro soccer player in Europe and take their game to the next level.


With this unique program, you will have the chance to explore a beautiful country and compete in a good soccer environment.


The WARUBI Careers UK program helps student-athletes extend their sporting career beyond their senior year of eligibility. We help to identify postgraduate scholarship opportunities.


If you believe you are at the level required to play semi-pro or professionally in the USA, have extensive video footage, and a great player resume... this is the right place for you.


You will get the chance to train with semi-pro/pro teams in a highly competitive environment which allows you to develop as a player but also as a person.


Players will be placed in a Spanish club where he/she will get practice sessions, true immersion in the world of Spanish Futbol, and an official license to play in a competitive Spanish league.
Our unique pay later option guarantees you results. No offer accepted = No fee for You.

Due Now | $0*

Due on Commitment | $2,500

*free ONLY for former or current college athletes (normal price $397/year)

No! It is completely free to create your profile IF you are a former or current NCAA & NAIA player.

Our service fee is only if you choose to commit to an opportunity ( = successful placement, when everyone is happy), no strings attached.

Also, our initial Player Evaluation is ALWAYS free!

Our selected programs range from tryouts all the way to professional representation in some of the best soccer countries in the world. We also identify scholarship and work opportunities if available.

If you read this you probably already have a personal scout. Contact him so we can get you officially started or click “Sign Up” and request your contract.

Our team will reach out to coaches/clubs/schools/… for you and connect you via email or text. Some coaches may contact you directly through social media.

Because we are INDEPENDENT and not tied to any agent, club, company!

You choose the path, we do our best to help & open the door.

We are players just like you. We noticed that every player needs different solutions and experts in order to achieve their player and human potential.

Example: An agent based in the USA might be the perfect expert for the MLS. An agent based in Europe might be a perfect fit if you want to play professional overseas. With us, you can get both.


Our most common way is to join our referral program:

1-4* players $150/referral

4-8 players $250/referral

8+ $350/referral, Global Scout License Fee waived, Free Lifetime Representation

*referral is considered once service fee has been paid

No, that would be unprofessional! In the competitive soccer/football world, there is no guarantee!

Our service fee is designed in a way that you have full control which option(s) you pursue.

In fact, if you get admitted and verified by our staff, we take the risk of doing the work for free because we believe in You!

Even if you do not get a contract with our help, take the FREE experience and TOOLS provided and stay proactive chasing your dreams! Once verified, you can keep your profile active as long as you want!

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