Follow our WARUBI Sports Team on campus tours around the United States visiting Universities and Colleges across all 50 states. Florida, New York, Texas, California, North Carolina, and more. NCAA D1, NCAA D2, NAIA, NJCAA – State Universities, private colleges – small student bodies, professional athletic facilities.

Did you ever wonder what life as a soccer player on a sports scholarship in the United States looks like? Where do the student athletes live? How do they get to classes as well as soccer practice? What does the daily routine consist of? How can they manage playing and studying at the same time on a high level?

Get a better look at beautiful study halls, student housing on as well as off campus, and campus life. Explore the professional athletic facilities including practice fields, gyms, locker rooms, and stadiums. Learn first hand from the experiences and advice of coaches, student athletes, professors, and staff in our interviews during the campus tours.